Class Schedules

Below you will find our schedule for Phase 3. Please know that our schedule will change as we increase our classes in the next phases.  It also may change based on instructor/trainer availability and demand from our community. We thank you for understanding. Go here to learn more about each class.

Training Options

Our Small Group Training during PHASE 3 will be a mixture of strength and cardio circuits utilizing non-shared equipment.  It will led by Certified Personal Trainers.  All groups must be limited to five or fewer people.  The workout will change daily, but will repeat for two weeks.

**We are beta testing Mindbody Virtual.  As we do this, all virtual classes are free for the month of June.**

Click HERE to register for classes.


June 2020

Child Room

**Our child room is CLOSED during PHASE 3.**

The Child Room is for children who are at least one-year old and walking.  You may register for the child room for no more than two hours per day.

Register your child to reserve a spot HERE!


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