Do you want increased energy? Improved digestion? Knowledge of food that you know makes you feel good? Balanced mood and deeper connections to those close to yourself and others?


 This is what H.E.R is inviting you to explore.


Health Exploration Reimagined, H.E.R., is a 6-week, self-guided whole health group program unlocking a personalized health plan that leaves you feeling your best.

Maybe you’re ready to explore your personal wellness but don’t know where to start. The food and lifestyle shifts you will learn have the power to transform your life and change your relationship to your body, stress, and health.

  • You could also be: 

    • Ready to explore what’s working for you and what’s not in eating and movement
    • Open to self-discovery and change
    • Ready to gain knowledge about how digestion and blood sugar regulation work
    • Looking for connection or feeling lost
    • Trying to do it all but feeling overwhelmed and stuck
    • Lacking the energy to do all that you want to do
    • Know some foods don’t make you feel good, but don’t know what to do about it

H.E.R will help you explore health and happiness through connection, education, and action.

Here's a sneak peak into Week 2!


Hi! We are Tiffany and Melissa, the creators of HER.

We can say without a doubt that the learnings and unlearnings in HER have changed our lives and we think they can do the same for you no matter where you are at on your health journey.


We went from ignoring our bodies needs and an autoimmune diagnoses to putting our dis-eases into remission and managing symptoms by using the strategies we've developed in this course.


Our lives have been so completely transformed by this knowledge that we have made it our life's work to share this information with YOU!

Enroll In HER!

What you'll get in this course: 

  • Access to a mini nutritional assessment questionnaire that will give you information about your blood sugar, digestion, and stress handling mechanisms
  • A personal inventory assessment for 10 life categories, which you will take pre program and after completion.
  • A personalized and flexible meal plan to support you for the duration of the programs. This includes recipes, snack lists, pantry lists,  and tip and tricks.
  • A printable 27-page PDF to walk you through the program reflections, to-dos, and food journal
  • Weekly videos to support solo study.
  • Reflection questions to help you did deeper into the ‘whys’ behind behaviors related to food and wellness.
  • Lifetime access to resources and all new changes/additions to the program in the future.
  • Six months of follow-up emails to help you stay connected to the parts of this you want to continue.  
  • 15% off a future package/group/retreat/service at Athena (one time use of your choice!)

What can you expect from this course?

  • Clarity about next steps to take with your health
  • An introduction and exploration to a new way of eating
  • Knowledge about the impact of stress and benefits of connection to others
  • Tools to release all of the pressure you've put on yourself
  • A look into your relationship to movement and exercise to find a kind, loving, and pleasurable approach that gets the results you’re looking for in a way that benefits you
  • To feel more empowered in decision making about what is right for your body, regain body autonomy, and access discernment 


This program is not for everyone.

You may not want to enroll in HER if you are:

  • looking for a “quick fix” or a how-to list
  • unwilling to be uncomfortable and do the work
  • not interested in change
  • looking for a weight loss program
  • requiring a structured meal plan in which you are told what to eat and when
  • interested in one-on-one support at this time, as that is not offered in this program

We know what you are thinking...

  • I don’t have time. Another way of saying this is simply "that's just not a priority for me right now". This may be true, but what's more more of a priority than your HEALTH?
  • I can’t afford it. We do understand that finances impact accessibility and we don't want this to ever prevent someone from wellness. If the cost is truly a hurdle for you, please reach out and we will figure out a way to make it happen.
  • I don’t think it will actually help. I’ve tried a lot of other things. What’s different about this? We know this stuff works because we've been using these strategies on ourselves for years.  Also, check out the FAQs below.
  • I don’t know where to start. I’m overwhelmed with information. That's where we come in!  Our program lays out information step by step to make the learning accessible.
  • I’m scared/nervous about doing something new and/or confronting my shit.  WE HEAR YOU. Change is hard, but we can do hard things.  We also want to reiterate that you must be ready and willing to do the work.  If you are not ready, this program is not for you.
I'm In!

Nutritional Support

A personalized and flexible meal plan to support you for the duration of the programs.

Lifestyle Support

Recommendations about movement, connection, and self care to help you find what works for you.

Growth Tracking

A Nutritional Questionnaire and Personal Inventory to help you track your health exploration.

Are you ready to experience

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Knowledge about what food makes you feel your best
  • Improved digestion 

If you answered yes, then H.E.R. might be for you!

What past participants are saying about H.E.R.


“I am very proud of myself for completing the 5 weeks of the nutritional protocol! There were times where I almost caved (and yes, I know that would have been ok and I could get back into the swing of it) but it felt good to have someone encouraging me and the other way around. I have found new foods that are delicious and healthy and have stretched myself to try some new exercise routines (early morning, different class, active fun with my kids).”


I  wanted to try HER out and see if it could help with my fatigue and general health.I liked learning different nutrition protocols and how they can help, and the information and statistics related to relationships, movement, and health. It helps me prioritize certain things over others.I’m going to give the nutrition protocol another try this fall, however, I feel really good about the rest of the sections and especially working on relationships and friendships more. Learning how to balance all of the things in the best way for me. I tend to be a homebody and I think it keeps me from spending enough time on my friendships and fun activities which could really help me.”


“Having completed HER, I’m feeling successful! Confident. Supported.  I joined HER because I had been feeling out of control with my eating habits and lack of body movement. I felt low emotionally and crummy physically, along with joint and muscle pain from lack of activity. I'm off reflux medication and stool softeners. I feel like I can work out and not feel insanely sore for the next week so I don't want to go back ever again. I am sleeping better. I am thinking more about not just how food and movement impact my health, but also stress and connections.”


“Doing this program with a partner/friend. This was very important for my success following the nutritional protocol as well as the exploration questions. It felt very freeing to talk openly with my friend about these intimate questions.”


“The nutritional protocol was also very valuable. My body feels so much better!”


“I loved learning the information and statistics related to relationships, movement, and health. It helps me prioritize certain things over others.”


“The support and reflection. I'm not typically a writer but I found that the act of writing down my reflection responses helped to keep all of my thoughts from swimming through my head all of the time. It was interesting because I didn't really think about how stress impacted everything, too. At first, I thought I didn't have big stressors in my life, but after reflecting and discussing with my partner, I realized that even tiny little stressors can add up.”