Welcome to Athena! We are so glad you happened upon our corner of the internet and world.

Athena is a small feminine-focused fitness and wellness facility located in Olympia, Washington. We seek to inspire, uplift, motivate, and empower while creating a community of support.

At Athena we will specialize in both large and small group training.  We deeply believe that our connection to each other is the key to health and longevity and we try to incorporate this belief in all we do.



Athena is the result of two humans taking huge risks to live their absolute dream. Tiffany and Joanna love the south sound and are on a mission to build community and give back.

Together they have witnessed time after time how group fitness brings people together in health and keeps them coming back.  People build genuine relationships that stay with them for years to come. 

Joanna and Tiffany have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Here's where you can learn more about each of their qualifications, passions, and joys!


Classes and Offerings

Athena strives to offer more than fitness classes. We understand that whole health includes movement, bodycare, rest, and nutrition (and more!).

Large Group Fitness Studio

Athena offers large group fitness classes (up to 30 people) led by Certified Group Fitness Instructors.

Small Group Training

Small group training (up to 16 people) is intentionally programmed in 90-day cycles and is led by Certified Personal Trainers.  

Wellness at Athena

Athena also offers access to a Himalayan Salt room, massage and nutrition services, and a child play area.


Are you curious if Athena is right for you? Your first class is always free.


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