Nutrition for all bodies.

Athena's nutrition professionals will work along side you to meet your goals.  We recognize the bioindividuality of each person and know that not all people need the same thing when it comes to nutritional support. We will look at nutrition and other lifestyle measures to help support the body so that it can find balance. 

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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy provides nutrition and lifestyle shifts to decrease and manage stress on the body and in life while supporting digestion and blood sugar to enjoy eating again while improving energy, pleasure, and self-care.


Are you ready to finally know what to eat for your body & lifestyle, decrease digestive woes, have sustained energy all day, and build stress resilience?

  • 60-minute complimentary discovery meeting/consultation
  • Ground & Nourish 5-month package: $2,250 or 6 payments of $375. Includes 12 sixty-minute visits over 20 weeks.


Prior to working with Melissa, you will have a FREE 60-minute Discovery Meeting where you can learn more about what she does and if it is right for you.  Book your consult below!


This package is designed to help you: 

  • Address blood sugar regulation and digestion so you can feel more energy, better sleep & more complete nutrient absorption. Decrease moodiness, binge eating, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. 
  • Build useful meal planning and prep habits to reduce decision fatigue around what and when to eat every day.
  • Find a sustainable way of eating that matches your goals for your body and your specific nutritional needs so that you can feel confident in your food choices and let go of judgment of food. Identify and let go of limiting beliefs around dieting and food rules.
  • Access your body’s natural healing ability and nervous system balance with craniosacral massage at each visit. Connect to your inner knowing to gain discernment about what is for you and what isn’t for you


The process includes:

  • starting with 6 weekly visits to set the solid framework for changes and growth before expanding the time between visits. 
  • a comprehensive 300+ question nutritional assessment plus analysis to determine potential deficiencies and support needed for the many systems of your body.
  • food and mood journal review to help understand how your food is making you feel.
  • email check-ins to provide support between appointments so you never feel alone.
  • resources like recipes and shopping lists to help simplify meals.
  • supplement recommendations if applicable to help resolve symptoms and deficiencies.
  • assessment of lifestyle and stress impacts in your life, with creative solutions for support. 


Contact us with any questions you have or book your FREE 60-minute Discovery Meeting below!


What people are saying about working with Melissa:


I really enjoyed working with Melissa! She’s so down-to-earth and helped me set realistic goals. She breathed new life into my health journey and I’m very grateful I met her!”


“The most valuable part of working with Melissa is that she listened SO thoughtfully. My experience was made richer by her awareness to what was happening in my body and her thoughtful and insightful questions. The CranioSacral Massage was very helpful as well and eased tension that I had been feeling for a long while. The supplements and protocols that Melissa suggested were rooted in both her recommendation and also taking my preferences and lifestyle into consideration.”


Loved the food journal and the before and after survey that gathered the information for the graphs and gave us a map of where we needed to focus.”


“I felt like the goal-setting held me accountable. I also loved all the suggestions for vitamins and products I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.”

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Hi! I'm Melissa!

My years as a Massage Therapist and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner have given me valuable insight into common patterns of dysfunction with food and our bodies, plus intuitive ways of hearing what the body is trying to communicate.

I help women connect to their inner knowing through craniosacral massage combined with Transformational Eating to let go of limiting beliefs around food and their body.

This decreases confusion about what to eat and when, and releases them from toxic diet culture and dogma.

My training in Nutritional Therapy gives me tools to see nutritional deficiencies plus ways to support them, all through goals that are designed for your life, as it is right now.

I'm a Mother and wife, lover of the outdoors who relishes waking up in the woods and can't stop staring at the sky, a light gardener, an avid reader, a rock collector, and I continue to grow as a cook. A diagnosis of celiac disease shook things up for me in 2016, and I am happily thriving after finding the blessing in it all.


  • Licensed Massage Therapist (LMP)
  • Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). emphasis on craniosacral massage