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Athena's mission is to redefine female-focused fitness and build community through education about what it means to love our bodies and live our best lives. Our team is essential to that mission, bringing passion, and individual experience to every moment.

Melissa Shafer

Hi, I'm Melissa!

My years as a Massage Therapist and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner have given me valuable insight into common patterns of dysfunction with food and our bodies, plus intuitive ways of hearing what the body is trying to communicate.

I help women connect to their inner knowing through craniosacral massage combined with Transformational Eating to let go of limiting beliefs around food and their body.

This decreases confusion about what to eat and when, and releases them from toxic diet culture and dogma.

My training in Nutritional Therapy gives me tools to see nutritional deficiencies plus ways to support them, all through goals that are designed for your life, as it is right now.

I'm a Mother and wife, lover of the outdoors who relishes waking up in the woods and can't stop staring at the sky, a light gardener, an avid reader, a rock collector, and I continue to grow as a cook. A diagnosis of celiac disease shook things up for me in 2016, and I am happily thriving after finding the blessing in it all.

She is passionate about supporting people being their whole, true self, as often as possible.

She is wildly happy when she's in nature with her family. 

She feels most confident after making someone laugh. Laughter is medicine.    

She is terrified of spiders in my house and having regrets.

She never grows old of snuggling and rock-hounding.

She is inspired by people disrupting the status quo and doing things their own way. 



  • Licensed Massage Therapist (LMP)
  • Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). emphasis on craniosacral massage

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