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Athena's mission is to redefine female-focused fitness and build community through education about what it means to love our bodies and live our best lives. Our team is essential to that mission, bringing passion, and individual experience to every moment.

Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor grew up in Hawaii and has lived in Olympia since 2008. She is married and has two children. In addition to teaching fitness classes, Wendy is also a schoolteacher. She enjoys traveling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and beyond. Her favorite pursuits include backpacking, hiking, mountain-biking, and rock-climbing. She is an avid reader and also loves cooking, singing, and swimming in the ocean.

She is passionate about adventure.

She is wildly happy when she is outdoors.

She feels most confident when she is being herself.

She is terrified of disorganized spaces.

She never grows tired of learning.

She is inspired by people who dance like nobody's watching.



  • Certified in Les Mills BODYFLOW®, BODYATTACK®, CORE® (CXWORX), SPRINT® and BORN TO MOVE® (a children's fitness program).

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