Whole-Health Coaching

Whole Health Coaching is a holistic, multi-dimensional, bio-individual view of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.   It can be defined as experiencing optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  It’s self-care.  Recognizing that your body has needs and taking action to meet those needs.  It requires choices that help you function optimally and thrive across different areas of life.

Are you ready for a Road Trip? 

"I’d like to take you on a journey to find Whole-Person Health.   My name is Tricia Jelcick and I am a certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor and have worked in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.

With my support, you will create your own plan and set goals from where you are in your journey by making small, sustainable shifts in habits, practices and behaviors that are implemented one at a time to create long-term change that feels doable.  It’s not simply maintaining a healthy diet or exercise regimen.  It’s about understanding that there is a lot more to health than just making “the right choices” and experimenting to find what’s most beneficial to you right now.  You’ll have the opportunity to explore your health goals and build your unique Whole-Person Health Plan based on your current priorities and circumstances.  

Health is an ongoing journey.  Taking small, sustainable steps allows you to make choices that support your wellness goals long term. 

The “feeling of clarity that it really does matter whether we are healthy and happy.  Not because of how awesome we’ll look, all the fabulous things we will have, or how impressive we will appear to others. But because in being healthy and happy, we deliver more of the goods we are meant to deliver.  We experience more of the good we are meant to receive.” - Pilar Gerasimo, The Healthy Deviant 

Initial 30 min virtual connection is free to determine if my Whole-Person Health program and coaching are a good fit for you and where you are right now.  We will start with a Health Inventory which will help us set up Goal Setting.  From there, four 45-minute weekly virtual meetings for $250.  Each session will include goal setting review,  accountability, and strategizing for challenges.  We’ll be a team and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.  Let’s get this road trip started!"

More about Tricia

Tricia Jelcick was born in Pullman, Washington and also received her M.B.A. in Pullman from WSU.   In between, she traveled overseas and lived in both Morocco and Lesotho, Africa.  

While she was working on her Masters, she met her husband, Aaron, who worked for the Olympia Police Department for almost 30 years.   They have been married for 30 years and have two children, Caleb who now lives in Philadelphia and works as a financial consultant and Ellaney, who is finishing up her teaching degree from WSU.

This past year her husband retired, they sold their home of 21 years, left their community of Olympia, Wa where they lived for 30 years.  They now live between their home in Sunland, eastern Washington and their home in Cave Creek, Arizona.   After they sold their home, they bought an RV and traveled from Washington state over to the eastern United States on an 8 week-11,000 miles-30 states road trip!

Tricia worked for Washington State Department of Housing and Community Development Block Grants prior to having children when she decided to work raising her kids at home full time.  She then became a group fitness instructor of Les Mills programs as well as a personal trainer.  She then became a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been coaching, in-person and virtually, for the past 9 years.  She has a HUGE passion for supporting individuals to embody who they are and who they want to be through soul based conversations!  Love, love, love it! 


  • Health Coach, INN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE (American Council on Exercise)

Are you ready to embrace who you are and embody who you want to be?


Contact us with any questions you have or book your FREE 30 minute consult to see if health coaching is right for you!

What people are saying about working with Tricia:

"I started working with Tricia a couple of years ago. It started with me just wanting to lose some weight and look better in my clothes. I had let myself and my health go while I grieved my husband for the last few years.  Now I was newly retired and ready to start getting myself healthy again.

Tricia met me where I was and really listened to what I needed and wanted. She allowed me to take baby steps and cheered me on the whole way. She has shown me that my diet is just a small part of my journey back to health. She’s taught me that I need to incorporate not only the food and exercise but also, and maybe more importantly, the mental and spiritual pieces.

I’ve stumbled a lot along the way , sometimes going radio silent, but Tricia always checks in and welcomes me back with open arms and compassionate listening. She’s giving me tools so these stumbles are getting easier to pick myself up from.

Tricia has become a trusted friend, she is so easy to open up to. She never makes me feel less than for my stumbles. We just talk it out and she listens with empathy and a little tough love when I need it.  She knows when to hold back and when to push.

I ALWAYS feel more positive and sure that I can reach my goals after talking with her. She is a definite positive force in my life. I only wish she still lived close so she could join Erin in teaching the kick ass combat classes at Athena!"


"Working with Tricia has been a transformational experience. We started out on a journey to lose weight and it turned in to so much more. She helped me discover who I am, what my beliefs are and become comfortable with my authentic self. Tricia is a nurturing and encouraging coach who is present, authentic and always uplifting. She is there to help you throughout the entire journey. Celebrating successes, challenging thoughts and helping you look deeper to find the roots of barriers and encouraging you when you feel like you are failing or doubting yourself. While going through the Whole-Person Health process I was able to determine what other factors in my life(emotional and spiritual health)were affecting my ability to achieve my goals. Focusing on the created goals from these areas enabled me to unleash barriers and become more confident in my own skin and establish new lifelong habits. I now understand who I am, why I made the choices I made in my life and how to keep these things from hindering me in the future, Health and Wellness is a lifelong journey and I feel well equipped to own my future."


"I know like many people 2020 rocked my world. I had twins in July of 2019, had a big career change hit in February of 2020, and then the pandemic hit hard in March 2020. As a result I felt like my whole life had been turned on its head and I was struggling to find "me" in the midst of all of the change and challenges. I felt like my identity had been completely rocked to its core and I needed someone to help guide me on the journey of rediscovering "me".  I chose to work with Tricia because I knew I needed guidance and accountability, I wanted something that was all encompassing (whole wellness), and I valued Tricia's perspective, lived experience, and connection. I appreciated the way the Whole Person Health program looked at various aspects of my life and helped me identify areas that could most benefit from growth. I liked that through the assessment and reassessment I was able to tangibly see growth and change in areas that typically are difficult to measure. I also appreciated that the assessment helped me identify areas that I may not have recognized on my own as areas that could use attention.

After identifying the aspects of the wellness assessment that would be most beneficial to focus onTricia provided guidance, tools, and exercises to help me grow and improve in each area. The exercises and weekly coaching calls provided framework and accountability. Tricia was a facilitator, a coach, a guide - she didn't just tell me what to do but instead helped me develop the skills and tools to be successful.

One of the biggest focusses for me was "honoring where I am". That may sound simple but for me, in this season, that was challenging but also transformational. I think many of us who are goal oriented can get so future focussed that we lose sight of the joy, lessons, and growth that is right in the present moment. Tricia helped me set goals that both honor where I am now and also are in alignment with what I want for the future.

The all-encompassing nature of the Whole Person Health program is something that is beneficial in any season of life. I love that because of the ever changing nature of life I could revisit this program and I would always have areas that could benefit from this work. Working with Tricia is such a unique experience because she is invested in her clients and passionate about her work. She is gentle yet direct, connected and genuine, thoughtful and creative, supportive and insightful. I would highly recommend Tricia as a coach and the Whole-Person-Health program to anyone looking to grow, improve their health, get connected to themselves, and develop life skills and strategies for long term success."