Sore after workouts or outdoor recreating?


Looking for ongoing bodywork for maintenance?


Olivia has over a decade of fitness instruction and bodywork to help get to the root of your holding patterns.


Invest in your health. 

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60 min- $120

90 min- $170


Massage Pack I: Structural Reset

Three 60 min visits: $316 (12% discount)


Massage Pack II: Maintenance

Six 60 min visits: $612 (15% discount)

Massage with Olivia is a

unique experience. 


Unlike a regular deep tissue massage, Olivia works with the Fascial system to get to the root of your postural patterns. Her touch is gentle, and patient, and can at times feel like nothing is happening. 

The results, though, can be quite profound and noticed right away, a couple days later, or with a few sessions.

A brief foray into Fascial Massage:

The fascia when injured becomes solid or crystal, limiting blood, lymph, and other flow around the body. This can exert 2,000lbs of pressure per square inch onto the body. It is no wonder some people experience pain in their bodies.

Fascial-specific massage takes between 2 and 5 minutes to tap into the thixotropy and piezoelectric effects within the fascial system. These two systems essentially change the state of fascia from solid (crystal-like or gel) to fluid (sol).

These "releases" could take anywhere from 10-20+ minutes to restore the body into a new normal postural pattern.

Based on how long your body has been holding pain patterns will determine the length of time and number of sessions needed to restore flow to the fascial system.


Walking is my passion, so when I started to develop crippling foot pain, it was a disaster. 

I worked with Olivia for a couple sessions. Her knowledge of anatomy impressed me, and she seemed to always know right where to go. 

She sent me home with suggested exercises, which I did religiously for a couple weeks.

And I have no pain!!! I thought this was something I would just have to put with with as I got older. 

So grateful to be out of pain and doing what I love





I injured my lower back over four years ago and had been living with the pain since then. I went to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other massage therapists, but Olivia eliminated the pain in one hour!

Her technique was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I thought I was going to get a typical massage, but it was very different. Light and energetic, perhaps? 

The first treatment held about nine days, so I scheduled another one. That was about a month ago and I am still 100% pain free, mobile and so amazed and grateful.

Thinking about getting a massage from Olivia? Do IT!!!! She’s a true healer and worth every penny if you are looking to heal. 


Olivia has MAGIC HANDS!!!

I had struggled with shoulder pain for over a year and had seen physical therapists, had acupuncture, cupping and other therapies with no lasting change.

I still have no idea what she does to me, but the pain in my right shoulder is completely gone after 2 sessions. 

I can't wait to see what happens as we start working on my left shoulder and knees. 

This stuff really WORKS!






Olivia is a kind, compassionate, and highly skilled practitioner. Her extensive knowledge of the body allows her to hone in on the key areas that need to be addressed. 

Every time I work with her, I feel renewed and have a deep sense of gratitude for the love and care she shares while I'm in her hands. 

I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health, feel better in their body. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.



Olivia works differently than any other bodyworker I've experienced. 

Her touch is intuitive. She is extremely knowledgeable and creates a teaching experience while you are on her table. She will talk about fascia, anatomy, connections in the body, emotions, and so much more. 

She holds a powerful space for you to experience your body differently. It's quite amazing.



I have had nagging on and off pain from an old shoulder injury for nearly a decade. Over the years, I have gotten used to modifying different exercises and to always take it easy if it flares up.  After seeing Olivia one time, I went to do a movement that would normally cause a twinge of pain and I didn't feel a thing!  It was at that moment that I realized I hadn't felt my shoulder since she gave me a massage and it had been a whole week.  If I can see that kind of results in one session, I can't image what would happen over time!


Olivia's relationship to movement started for all the wrong reasons. Her initial desire to create the "ideal body," led to injury, chronic fatigue, and mental disconnection. Her journey back to herself began; Yoga led to Pilates, led to Massage, which inspired exploration into nutrition, and Integrative health coaching. Through each of her modalities, Olivia collected pieces of herself returning to her authenticity. She views conscious movement as one of the most important keys to rediscovering oneself in a distracted world. And her mission is to remind people of who they are at their deepest core so that they can experience more joy and power in their own lives. Movement is a powerful aspect of this empowerment.
  • She is passionate about empowering others to find their most authentic selves.
  • She is wildly happy in nature.
  • She feels most confident when guided by her heart.
  • She is terrified of stagnation.
  • She never grows old of hearing other people tell their stories!
  • She is inspired by deep and meaningful connection.


  • Licensed Massage Therapist Swedish Massage (Sedona School of Massage, 2018, License MA 61153488)

Specialty Training:

  • John Barnes Myofacial Release: MFRI (2013), MFRII (2018), Fascial Pelvis and Rebounding (2018) 
  • Tom Meyers: Structural Essentials, Pelvis (2019)  

Related Mind-Body/Nutrition Qualifications:

  • IIN Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach (2020)
  • NCI Level 1 Nutritionist (2019)
  • NCI Mindset Specialist (2019)
  • BASI Comprehensive (Mat and Equipment) Pilates Instructor (2017)
  • ACE Personal Trainer (2015)
  • RYT 500hr Yoga Teacher (India,2013)