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Athena's mission is to redefine female-focused fitness and build community through education about what it means to love our bodies and live our best lives. Our team is essential to that mission, bringing passion, and individual experience to every moment.

Victoria Reyes

Victoria has taught group fitness since 2002.  She started teaching freestyle classes like Total Body Ball and Weights and Step Aerobics. She received her Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Certifications working at a local YMCA facility in the Olympia area, where she had also learned about Les Mills. Since then she's never looked back LOL!

She has a wonderful and talented son who is getting ready to start high school and she is super excited to see him grow into a respectable and successful individual.

She is certified in Les Mills BodyCombat (absolute favorite), BodyStep, BodyPump and CXWORX.  She actually really loves many of the Les Mills Programs and is hoping to be adding another certification to her toolbelt in the near future.

She is looking forward to meeting you and sharing in this wonderful world of FITNESS!!

She is passionate about  her family and physical fitness, especially more so with expressing to people to keep moving and stay moving as much as possible. 

She is wildly happy when she’s around the people she loves, laughing, sharing, and enjoying one another’s time and presence.

She feels most confident doing things she loves to do, such as teaching fitness classes and showing how much fun she has doing it.

She is terrified of losing her parents. She loves them very much.

She never grows old of  playing at the park on the monkey bars and swinging on the swings, playing games and wrestling around with her son and playing fun games with her little nieces and nephews.

She is inspired by all the people around her that are doing the things they love as well and watching and seeing them through to the end. 



  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor in CXWORX®, BODYSTEP®, BODYPUMP®, and BODYCOMBAT®

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