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Athena's mission is to redefine female-focused fitness and build community through education about what it means to love our bodies and live our best lives. Our team is essential to that mission, bringing passion, and individual experience to every moment.

Cindy Sundem

Becoming an instructor was a dream she had for a long time, however, being a wife and mom, in addition to working full time, it remained just a dream. Leaving the workplace to be home with her boys opened the door for her to pursue that dream. She is passionate about working to keep her body as fit and strong as possible. You may encounter her out running or hiking in the beautiful outdoors when not in the gym.
She looks forward to meeting and working out with you!
She is passionate about connecting with others and encouraging them on their fitness journey ~ to be the best they can be ~ and witnessing that journey as it unfolds.
She is wildly happy when spending time with family.
She feels most confident when best prepared!
She is terrified of mice!
She never grows old of challenging herself to meet that next goal.
She is inspired by her children and their determination to succeed.
Certified Personal Trainer ~ American Council on Exercise (ACE)
LesMills Certified ~ BodyAttack, CORE (CXWORX), and BodyPump
EnhanceFitness ~ Group Fitness Instructor and Master Trainer
TRX ~ Qualified Instructor
CPR & First Aid

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